International Excellence

Reward in Paris We always knew Dimbulah was great coffee - in fact you remind us of that every day. When our Melbourne roaster Knight Mattingly entered our coffee in the AVPA 2016 contest 'coffee roasted in country of origin', we thought no more of it. Until June 30 that is when a panel of Internationa

Dimbulah Coffee In Australia

dimbulah coffee

We often get emails from expats who return home to Australia and miss their daily Dimbulah fix. When Greg asked for help recently we directed him to Victorian roaster Knight Mattingly, one of the few roasters in Australia we trust with our coffee Read More

Chevron House Renovation

rsz_14114770_376730542451356_2695898554694134189_o Following the opening of our latest store at One Raffles Quay we are about to refurbish our Chevron House store in similar style. This is a challenging project as we will continue operating and serving our great coffee throughou