Our Heritage

The Legend of Dimbulah

For more than five thousand summers the original Australians of northern Queensland would start to drift eastwards when the dry season began. They were heading for a place where the land held a special  ‘seed power’, conferred on it in the Dreamtime of its creation.

It was a fertile table land in the embrace of a shining river and they called it  ‘The Long Watering Hole’. In their language, ‘Dimbulah’.

They had discovered one the finest places in the world to grow coffee.

Our Plantation

We work the land and we’re not arguing. The seeds we plant grow tall and strong, and every year there is an unbroken carpet of white blooms as the cherries on the bushes get ready to ripen all together as if by order. And the beans are of an extraordinary quality, the product of the clear air, clean water and fertile land – and a touch of magic from the Dreamtime of its creation.

To make sure that the quality of our beans is not compromised on its way to your cup, we manage every step of that journey ourselves.

Our Coffee

The fine Arabica beans grown on our Dimbulah Mountain Estate plantation on the Atherton tablelands yield a unique and distinctive flavour. Our coffee is rich, with a sweet chocolate caramel body and long finish.

Roasted weekly to our Estate Signature Roast, this is a rare boutique coffee at its best. It’s the product of this land and the immense care and passion we take, from the planting of the seed to serving in the cup.

Dimbulah Coffee – ‘Plantation to Cup’